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A unique profile is created for each member to reveal the key dimensions of personality that are intrinsic to the future success of their relationships.These personality profiles are used to match members based on deep levels of compatibility.

Quite naturally, professionals often look for partners who have a similar level of disposable income and share the same lifestyle and aspirations.

Compatibility is a key ingredient in a successful relationship, and it can mean different things for different people – for some it will mean having the same sense of humour and values, while for others it will mean similar goals and priorities in life.

There are specific dating sites for professionals, but why stop there?

With e Harmony you can be matched with professionals from every field and know beforehand that you will be matched based on compatibility – which is about more than just your jobs.

e Harmony is a relationship website dedicated to helping singles find love and build long-term relationships.

When you become an e Harmony member, you know exactly what to expect: you will be matched with other singles with whom you are deeply compatible.

Unlike any regular dating agency, e Harmony, in collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford, has developed a scientifically based system for matching members according to a complex mix of key personality traits – the personal characteristics that will determine the success of their relationships.

This Compatibility Matching System™ is based on the results of a free online personality test that every new member takes.

Turn off the alarm, check your emails on the smartphone, shower, dress, have breakfast, leave the house, start the commute.

Arrive at the office, busy morning, go to client lunch, busy afternoon, strategy meeting, leave the office, go for client drinks, start the commute.

Arrive home, have dinner, rest for a couple of hours, go to bed, set the alarm.

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