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My loser peckerwood boyfriend wants me to pick up some fresh fruit.

Instead of being a man and helping me out he's with his friends while I'm all alone in this bad part of town.

I happened to come across a fruit stand which was being patronized by some black men who looked like they were up to no good.

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I knew right then and there I had to get a taste of big black cock which is starting to become a favorite hobby when the breadwinner is away.

The only melons on the menu were my big boobs and they were ripe for the picking.

I took on all three of them in the same kitchen that my boyfriend eats his oatmeal in.

My screams shook the walls because my white pussy isn't used to this kind of punishment.

Those big ebony dicks were relentless on me and my body hasn't been the same since.

My white boyfriend suspected something was wrong seeing as how I was bow legged for days after from my hours long interracial fucking session!I wanted to bust into this place where I knew they kept mad electronics and jewelry.I had my white homie bring his tools over so we could get in, get out, and get some green.We were almost in when his Mom, Syren Demer, saw us in the act and wasn't having that.She's a recently divorced cougar on the prowl but I thought it was only for white dick since my homie is the biggest cracker I know.The divorce settlement must have fucked with her mind because she wanted to play with me so I wouldn't hang with her boy.

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