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Once Eladio is gone, Gaby asks Franco why he didn't take her side. Anyways, Erick walks in while she's mackin' on Clara's man. He can't believe that she's only been gone a day, but she's already rubbin' up on some other dude. She's a little miffed that he didn't take her out to dinner first, but he tells her Francofurter is on the menu tonight. Afterwards he tells her that no one in respects him. He's worked hard to get where he is, but David got 20K shares.

"We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! Gabby is visciously tossed on top of the table, bounced off of the wall, down on the couch and choked between the door way. Erick tells Connie that he doesn't know why he came. Julia's mad because Eladio called her dumb and lazy and released her birds. Franco takes Marintia, the secretary with benefits, to a hotel.

He's pissed that she left the hospital without alerting him. Finally, we learn lots of prepositions, but not the good sex ones that we can use, . Clara runs in and tells Erick that Francisco is her boyfriend. She tells Erick to stop treating his pregnant wife like crap and to be a man. Back at the Gomez-Luna mansion, Julia and Gaby agree that Eladio they have to get away from Crazy Walking Around in a Suit aka Eladio. Julia was taught at home to tolerate that type of behavior.

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In this episode, Eladio has harassed or has pissed off most of the people in the telenovela. She tries chasing him out of the door, but Clara blocks her and tells her BF to have some pride!

He said that she was in the wrong, she should have called Eladio. He was simply kicked out of the house for dating the Montenegro chick.

Meanwhile, back in the hood, Clara and Francisco have returned from the big soccer match. Marintina suggests that Franco dump Gaby, but realizes that he needs Gaby to get in with the family. Marintia reminds Franco that he's supposed to be at some Farmer's meeting with Eladio. Speaking of Eladio, because he's got big blue Nerf balls, he's in the mood to kick puppies and pinch babies. Anyway, he threatens to disown Dave and make him a pauper. Art is there when both of Erick and Daniela come stumbling in the door. Daniela says that she's was out all night with Erick looking for Connie. He knows that the two of them were not out together.

Cute, yet annoying Lucita runs out of the room and jumps into Clara's arms. Now, for some strange reason, Connie comes out of the room and offers to clean the face paint off of Francisco. Franco says he didn't go because he's not respected. Eladio shows up and notices that Franco is not there to greet him. As Eladio begins to address the audience, Art and Augie walk in. He spots Gina and tells her that he knows that Art is behind her romance with David. He asks what she will do if she has to chose between her daddy and Dave one day. Dani is dressed like a tramp and he knows that she wasn't out looking for Connie.

Art tells the Farmers that Santiago and Eladio are lying to them. Later, David agrees to do anything, find anyone and go anywhere when Gina sits on his lap and gives him smooches in bed. Little Artie has already forgotten that Julia exists. v=_5IVu N1N6-Y While Art is stroking the warm, creamy shoulder, Eladio is getting the cold shoulder from his wife. Humberto calls him a freeloading social-climbing bum who is not good enough to marry his grand daughter. He says that Dave will have to chose between his money and her. Nina comes down the stairs and insists that the kids were out looking for Connie.

They are trying to building 300 units on land that will only sustain 50 units. Later, Eladio tells Art that he won that battle, but he didn't win the war. Miguel tells Gina that Connie might be staying with her best friend Clara. Yeah, she'll have the address in the promptly in the morning. Art goes home and finds his wife wearing only a towel. This time she doesn't desperately hump his leg, but gives him a little peak before asking for her night gown. He encourages Art to touch Julia's bare, creamy, soft naked shoulder. He tells her that he will remain by her side, even if she rejects him. Erick says that he will get the address of Clara from the orphanage and bring Connie home. Petra chimes in and says that Dani is doing a great job cleaning the house.The 250 additional units will bring in more people who will require more water and services. Eladio has what Art loves and he is never going to see her again. After Eladio is gone, Art runs over to Augie and tells him that Eladio knows about his meeting with Julia. David later calls Francisco and confirms that Connie is at Clara's. She'll give him some tail, but he's got to stay all night. He asks if the night gown is new and tells her that it reminds them of when they were young. He's all pissed because Art won in a meeting and that means that the orphans will have to suffer it. Dani asks her dad if she can work for him now that she's proven herself.She is no longer allowed to work at the foundation. Julia says that Eladio has raped her more than once. Julia says that was before she new he was a bird thower-outter! Connie asks him why he told Erick that he wishes he was the baby's daddy. He lies and says that he loves her like a friend only. She says that she will only leave when Erick comes to get her. He watched her getting tossed all over a room and not in a good she's smoochin' with him. Marintia and Franco are in Arts office searching for paperwork to help them. He's upset because he has been working for Eladio since he's been eighteen years old and he didn't get 20K shares. Marintia swears her allegiance to Franco and that totally turns him on.He's promised Art that he will never see her again and he means it. Julia says that Eladio has always been like a snake hiding under her blanket. The next day, Gisela comes in and demands to know how many men Connie plans on bringing to the crib. She explains that Erick pitched a bitch over her maulin' Francisco. He' whips out the Francofurter and they contaminate Eladio's desk.If he's jealous over Francisco, he'll be back to get her. As he's leaving, he asks Clara to tell him if Connie needs anything. As they are finishing up, Francisco comes in and hand Marintia some paper work.In return, he will give Clara free computer lessons. Miguel says insists that he loves her like a sister. Gaby meets him and bitches about him being out all night again. He refuses to give it to Franco and will only give it to the secretary with benefits. David stops by the house to tell his mother that he is going to Queretaro today.

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