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Representative of the Baloch Republican Party Abdul Nawaz Bugti has urged UNHRC to take immediate measures to stop what he called the systematic genocide of Baloch people by Pakistan.He said the worsening human rights situation requires immediate attention of the Council. US President Barack Obama has announced a pledge by 50 nations to take in three lakh 60 thousand refugees from war-torn countries this year.

National Disaster agency said, in a statement that torrential rain triggered flash flooding in Garut in West Java early morning causing river bursting its banks.

There are different types of funding companies in the market; one of them is an inheritance funding company.

Before a person dies, he makes sure that he calls a professional lawyer to write down his will.

This will is made by someone, who can be trusted with respect to the property decisions.

Parents save and invest in properties almost all their lives; they want to be sure of the future of their kids.

Therefore, when they are about to go to the other side, they divide the property equally or depending on their wishes.

If you have been blessed with inheritance, you are one of those lucky people, who have had wonderful parents! just because you have the will in your hand doesn’t mean you are already the owner of the property or finance.

There is a legal process that to be followed, before the inheritance is given to you.

Now, what if you need money for something before you get this ‘property’ or money, according to the will?

This is where inheritance funding companies come ahead to help you.

If you are planning to take the help of such a company, following are the top six things that you need to remember: 1) Just because you have your name in the will, you get the loan against it.


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