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Luke seemingly took pride in telling the music magazine that he had slept with numerous fans, and he even revealed that he had sex with multiple girls at once.

The 5SOS fandom responded to his comments by accusing him of objectifying women.

However, this wasn’t the only segment of the feature that distressed Luke Hemmings’ female admirers – they were also disappointed that the magazine confirmed Luke and Arzaylea’s relationship.

not dating anyone either,” the ex replied, “Before you left.” Reportedly Hemmings is not Arzaylea's first rock star boyfriend.

She reportedly dated Vine star Nash Grier and One Direction's Niall Horan among others, and is known as a rock star groupie in some circles. Five Seconds of Summer are taking a break before heading out on tour again to support their sophomore release, "Sounds Good, Feels Good." Neither Hemmings or Arzaylea have officially commented on their pairing.

Fans are also stating she's not 21 like she claims, but much older. The band has been enjoying some well deserved rest and relaxation after six months on the road supporting their "Rock Out with your Socks Out" North American tour.

Hemmings and drummer Ashton Irwin are the only two members of the band that also include bassist Calum Hood and guitarist Michael Clifford who reportedly have significant others.

"The idea of the 'new broken scene' is of a revolution for our fans to get behind," Irwin told Billboard of the band's upcoming release, which has debuted the tunes "She's Kinda Hot" and "Fly Away." "It's almost for the misfits and stuff like that, and it's for us to give our fans a place to belong," he revealed.

The band will debut their sophomore release "Sounds Good, Feels Good" on Oct.

interview that ruined the Christmas holiday for so many 5 Seconds of Summer fans.

Arzaylea might be relieved that she no longer has to hide her relationship with Luke, but she’s not happy about the way she is portrayed in the interview.

Luke Hemmings has been spotted around Los Angeles with a mystery brunette named Arzaylea.


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