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Breastfeeding can be done discreetly anywhere you want.

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You don’t have to wait too long to start wearing your baby.

Order now and you can use Bobita Wrap right away in one week!

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We all know that babies love to be hugged and cuddled.

And we also know that being able to hug and cuddle your baby all the time while having many things to be done needs a lot of efforts.

That is why we at Bobita Wrap offer you a solution not only to solve this problem but at the same time also to enhance the quality of your relationship with your baby.

Bobita Wrap is a baby wrap carrier made from blended premium cotton, conforming to your body with its elasticity.

The fabric is specially manufactured for tropical climate.

It is soft but strong and ergonomically designed for your convenience and to ensure the safety of your little one.

With Bobita Wrap, you can have your hands free to do your activities while carrying your baby.

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