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I find out so many interesting Medieval tidbits doing the research for The Fairytale Keeper series.

Today, I want to share what I’ve learned and concluded based on my research on cleft lip in the Middle Ages.

Approximately 1 in 700 children in the US are born with a cleft lip or palette.

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A cleft palate is when the split also occurs in the roof of the mouth.

Cleft lip certainly occurred during The Middle Ages, but to what extent, we do not know.

Difficulty breast feeding is a common complication of cleft lip and palette.

One wonders how many children died as a result of their inability to feed correctly.

When a child with a cleft lip breast feeds, he can have trouble getting enough suction, milk can leak out the nose, and choking can occur.

The majority of the Medieval population was poor and worked long hours in fields.

They didn’t have money to pay a wet nurse to drip feed a child who couldn’t latch on, and they wouldn’t have had the time to experiment with different methods of feeding.

Most people, during the time period, lived in small villages and never ventured 20 miles from home.

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Linguistic evidence suggests that this manuscript is in turn a copy of a manuscript written perhaps half a century earlier.


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