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In late June Bill left Sirius XM, and the extent of the impact of that departure is yet to be felt, but it will be significant.

“AC/DC Radio,” a special, limited-time Sirius XM channel, will air Wednesday, November 26 through Sunday, December 7 on Sirius XM’s channel 25, Classic Rewind, less than a week before the release of AC/DC’s album.

In addition to the channel launch, frontman Brian Johnson and guitarist Angus Young will will sit down and answer questions from a Sirius XM studio audience that includes fans of the band and Sirius XM listeners.

Grammy award winner, and producer of , which is slated for release on Tuesday, December 2.

Fans can access “AC/DC Radio” via channel 25, the Classic Rewind channel, and the Sirius XM Internet Radio App, as well as listen online at the Sirius XM website.

The “AC/DC Radio” channel launches less than a week away from the scheduled release of album, which has sold 8 million copies worldwide.

The latest album does not include founding member Malcolm Young, who left the band earlier this year due to health issues.

In Malcolm’s place his nephew, Stevie Young, plays rhythm guitar on the album.

For fans that can’t wait for the album to hit stores, the band announced yesterday on its official AC/DC Facebook page that the entire album is now available on i Tunes.

Brian Johnson recently confirmed the band’s plan to kickoff a world tour in 2015.


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