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all I would ask for the prayer request is , Let my prayer reach onto the all Eternal Lord's feet at the Earliest.Dear God, Please help all of these people and myself get the job we are looking for, need and deserve.After reading some of these prayers and realize some may be worse off than me I pray that you bless these people and myself, I can remember what is was like praying for a job and not having a current one.

Lord, this position is more money and a better opportunity to improve my skills.

Lord Jesus I also need to pray for my current boss as he is a reason I need to leave this department.

I don't know how much longer I can work with him and the stress is becoming too much, please help him.

God please please please please let me get this job and the money I am asking for and please spread your blessings to all these people.

Dear Jesus Lord, I know I have been a sinner, but I need to support my wife and kids.

Please help me get the job so I can give them a nice christmas and we can pay our bills and give them a good life.

I am begging you for your mercy and for this miracle.

I promise I willl strive everyday to be a better man.

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I pray that you forgive me for my sins and that you have mercy on my soul.

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