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‘Miss Crawford’ (pictured in the foreground), white flowers appear in late winter when little else is in flower.

Hedingham also hosts a number of special events throughout the season including jousting, open-air theatre, car shows and re-enactments. We are always closed on Fridays and Saturdays, and occasionally other days as well.

Admission – £7.50 adults, £5 children and concessions.

Beth Chatto’s gardens in the driest part of the United Kingdom (with just 20 inches of annual rainfall) have become famous not only for their sheer beauty, but also for the mantra on which Chatto’s nursery and entire gardening philosophy is based: right plant, right place.

And to prove her point, almost 25 years ago she planted a new gravel garden on what was once the car park of her home, nursery, and gardens in Elmstead, Essex.

David Ward worked on the garden from the start and now runs study days throughout the year to illustrate the principles of drought-resistant gardening, from soil preparation to design details.

We spent an enlightening and inspiring day learning how to create a dry garden.(See below for information about the next upcoming study day.) Here are 11 tips for creating a gravel garden from scratch: Photography by Clare Coulson.Above: Bergenias, says Ward, are an indispensable part of the plant list, providing lush foliage in summer and, with this variety B.Hylands House is a beautifully restored Grade II* listed neo-classical villa dating back to 1730.Set in just under 600 acres of historical parkland, the Estate boasts two exquisite formal gardens: the One World Garden and the Pleasure Gardens, as well as a courtyard cafe, artists and craft studios, and a secondhand bookshop.In the house, visitors can explore spectacular rooms ranging from the exquisitely gilded Drawing Room to the sumptuously ornate Banqueting Room.


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