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The amounts are kept to a minimum, as the provider needs a guarantee that he will receive the money back, with interest, after a tight time frame of usually 30 days.Most payday loan companies offer an online calculator or sliding scale.This enables the borrower to work out exactly how much they want to borrow and how much they would have to pay back.

To encourage borrowers, there are cash referral awards and ranking incentives through certain lenders, encouraging lenders to spread the word.

Instant loans and payday loans are easy and hassle free and hardly ever require documentation from the borrower.

Although still easily approved and simple processes to follow, the lending amounts are much large than pay day loans.

When applying through a bank for a personal loan, you have to be able to prove that you earn a monthly income of above a certain amount.

You will need to have an identity number, bank account and usually have to submit a minimum of three months’ payslips.

On the brighter side, your repayment terms are over a longer period of time, and the interest is fairly low.For convenience, you will find that majority of these lenders are available 24/7.Cash loans are loans that are provided by loan companies and they offer these cash loans to people that with interest, meaning that you have to repay them interest and admin fees for the loan.Instant loans in South Africa have never been easier to apply for.With innovative means and quick response times, the processes are easier, the approval time is extremely fast and without having to stand in long queues at the bank, you can have access to quick cash in minutes.Instant loans are now available through registered credit providers as well as well-known banking industries at the click of a button without leaving the comfort of your home.

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