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Trainees start planning their lessons with sufficient support from the course tutors, which is reduced towards the end of the course to encourage independent and autonomous planning.CELTA Trainees must liaise with other members of their group outside course hours in order to produce a series of cohesive lessons.Most trainees find the course very stimulating, useful and enjoyable and we hope you will too.

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It is important for you and other members of your family to understand that you will be fully occupied.

You will automatically fail the course if you do not complete the required number of hours.

Assessment is continuous throughout the course and is based on performance in teaching practice, the quality of lesson plans and accompanying materials, and the quality of the four written assignments submitted.

Successful candidates receive the Cambridge CELTA — Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, awarded by the University of Cambridge, England.

The certificate states the grade received on the course.

The course tutors provide successful candidates with a written report detailing their performance on the course.

The recommended minimum entry requirement is that candidates should have formal qualifications, which would allow entry into higher education in their own country.

Many CELTA candidates will be postgraduate level, and most CELTA candidates will have experienced learning a foreign language.

Awarded by Cambridge ESOL since the 1970s, the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is the best-known and most widely-taken initial TEFL/TESOL qualification of its kind in the world.


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