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Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Margarine Powdered, Pistachios, Saffron and Powdered Almonds.Shelf Life: 4 - 7 Days Regfrigeration: No Vendor Info: Chitale Bandhu are one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of eatables and food products, based in the state of Maharashtra ROSE KATLI-CHITALE BANDHU SWEETS Rose katli, a colourful sweet that is high in protein and calcium and low in calories.

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CHITALE BANDHU SWEETS Chitale Bandhu is one of the leading manufacturers of food products in Maharashtra.

They have been providing their customers with fresh, and tasteful food products.

And, the sweets can be bought from here, from anywhere in the world.

Within Pune, through Pune Sweets Online, they deliver the sweets within 24 hours.

And, anywhere across India, people can get the sweets within 3 to 4 working days.

And, if the orders are placed abroad, they can expect to receive the sweets within 5 to 7 working days.

BAKED KARANJI-CHITALE BANDHU SWEETS Karanji is a traditional maharashtrian sweet made during the festive occasion of diwali.

Non-maharashtrians call it fried dumplings stuffed with a sweet mixture of fresh coconut and sugar. SPECIAL SUTAR FENI-CHITALE BANDHU SWEETS Sutarfeni, Cambay popularity, is a delicious sweet, shredded, flaky, rice dough, soaked in kesar and topped with pista and almonds.

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