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If a Fanwork Ban was in place, these sites will be extremely hard to come by, if they exist at all...

"Reactions of character creators to fanfiction have been varied, from polite acknowledgment to legal threats to having their character discuss out loud how disturbing and weird some types of fanfiction are.

Fans reacted to all of these things by writing 9,000,000 new fanfics." fans from writing fanfiction online, drawing any fan-art, or generally using the author's official work "creatively".

You can buy their books, buy The Merch and read their "officially sanctioned" material, but the hounds of hell will be unleashed should you write online story! Robin Hobb wrote an article sounding a bit like a PSA ("Fanfic — JUST SAY NO!

") that had the basic premise of "Those characters are like family to me.

You don't like seeing your family put into weird or perverted situations, do you?

" Others take the legal ground; that's how they make their living, and that's their intellectual property you are messing with.

Others simply don't think anyone else can write their world as well as they can (detractors, however, might comment that they're actually worried that someone can write these characters better than the author could).

A milder form exists in the form of restriction; the official creator might ban some Slash Fic, NSFW or PWP material, for example.

Other creators are more picky, setting "rules" to which all fic/fanart creators have to adhere to.


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