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As I mentioned in my last post, Adobe today announced the upcoming release of both the CS6 Creative Suite, including Photoshop CS6, and Adobe’s new Creative Cloud subscription service.There are now therefore two ways to purchase Photoshop CS6 — as we are accustomed to, through purchase of the stand-alone traditional product, and now also through the new Creative Cloud subscription service. The traditional stand-alone Photoshop CS6 full version will be 9, and the upgrade will be 9.(Photoshop CS6 , which contains the ability to create and manipulate 3D objects, is 9/9.

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As before, you can also purchase the stand-alone version of various bundles of subsets of Creative Suite software which include Photoshop CS6.

The Creative Cloud is a subscription plan — for an annual fee, you have access to: For more information, here is the Adobe home page for information on the Creative Cloud.

A one-year Cloud subscription is payable in advance.

The base subscription breaks down to a monthly fee of $49.99, but owners of at least one individual Creative Suite product (e.g.

Photoshop), CS3 or later can get the first year for $29.99/month.

Of course this will depend on your needs and interests.To weigh the two, I would start with the following three questions: If you are a graphic designer or other rich-content creator, you most likely use many products in the Suite.In this case Cloud pricing becomes very attractive.It is a harder case for photographers though, as many of us use very few products.I would highly encourage you to review the products yourself, but my take on it is that if you are a photographer, and plan to continue doing photo work only (and basic video editing, which Photoshop CS6 now can do significantly more of), you may only need Lightroom, and possibly, for more complicated work, Photoshop.If you are eligible for upgrade pricing on both, you can get the stand-alone versions of both for 9 + = 8, far less than the 0 first year and 0 planned subsequent year Cloud pricing.

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