Dating site profile generator layouts

Once registered, the user is directed to a page for creating a profile.

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Each area of the "Last Night" section is prompted by a drop down menu or optional fill-in-blanks.

"Opinions" are separated into categories: Random, Movies, Music, TV, Reading, and Sex and Dating.

Once a topic is chosen, a multiple choice question is offered as well as an area for elaboration. After going through as many questions and topics as they want, a user can send a message to any of the other users they have seen or "favorite" them from any of the areas.

Users may click on other users to reveal their answers. The search function reveals photos of people in the previously stated gender/age category.

The concept is to use conversations as a way to get to know people rather than algorithms or essays.

It is clearly using humor to try to connect people.The app is in the beta phase and only available in a few cities at present.The site launched in December 2011 and is showing steady growth in unique visitors.After 8 years as president of The Onion, a site known for its satirical take on the news, Sean Mills became CEO of Nerve - an online, broad appeal, sex magazine. This is not to say that the dating site is overtly sexual in nature or in any way supports inappropriate content on the site.Mills simply felt that online dating was a natural offshoot for Nerve. There is no data on how successfully any of the users have utilized the app to actually make dates and find people that they are compatible with.The site touts itself as the "first dating site for humans", differentiating itself by not asking users to write out descriptions and submit to an algorithm system for finding dates.

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