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He might be a little anxious, but that's OK because you'll be there to help him calm his nerves.

Now, if hanging on the couch and catching up on "Orange Is The New Black" is your thing, a Cancer is the one to do it with.

Cancers are a bit sensitive, and can sometimes see the world from a pessimistic viewpoint, but with a little guidance and compassion, you can cheer him right up.

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Dating sites by zodiac signs thorgal online dating

Have you ever browsed through astrology books, hoping to find a little insight before your first date with a new guy? Or what if he's really sweet at first, then later on down the road (when you've spent lots of time together) something catches you by (unpleasant) surprise?

Meeting a new partner, or going on a blind date can be scary because we literally know nothing about this person. What if he likes to jog around Central Park for two hours in the morning, and you recite a dissertation on the love you have for sleeping on your couch during the day in the pajamas your Grandma Mertle gave you?

Even if it work out, don't you just want to know ahead of time?

It's only natural to feel a little anxious beforehand, so why not get a leg up on your date (no pun intended — or maybe it was — that's for you to decide) and learn a little about his sign?

It may not be gospel, but at least it can give you a peek inside his head.

READ: 6 Pros and Cons of Today's 'Hookup Culture' Don't believe in this mumbo jumbo? You just may find out something about yourself that you didn't realize.

Keep an open mind, but most of all, have a good time: Is there an Aries guy you’ve had your eye on? With his competitive nature, he may not be the one to Netflix and chill, but he may drag you to climb an indoor mountain, or to his friend's big gathering.

He may be a bit impulsive, so if you're more of a planner, then it may be a good idea to get that out in the open quickly.

Aries men are determined but also passionate, so be prepared for him to lead the way.

His short temper may be a huge turn-off, but don't forget, it's a partnership, and relationships are work. A bull is the symbol for a Taurus, and for good reason! They're into touching, and can be sensual, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you feel about your man.

The Taurus guy needs a confident companion who likes activities that involve using hands, like gardening or even cooking.


  1. Dream with your eyes open until you know exactly what it looks like.

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