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My email address is also on the right side of the page.) Massive fraud uncovered in human trafficking statistics by Washington Post Dating regulation advocates used phony statistics to support IMBRA claiming that American men who meet foreign women via internet are selling them to brothels once they arrive in the US FEDERAL JUDGE UPHOLDS IMBRA.CRIMINAL AND SEX CRIMES BACKGROUND CHECKS ON AMERICANS DEEMED CONSTITUTIONAL BEFORE USING INTERNET TO CONTACT FOREIGNERS (FOREIGNERS NOT REQUIRED TO ALSO HAVE CHECKS)- ALL AMERICANS PRESUMED TO BE VIOLENT MOLESTERS BY CONGRESS AND COURT WHILE ALL FOREIGNERS PRESUMED TO BE INNOCENT We believe that a new federal law called the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) is unconstitutional, immoral, and misandrist (man-hating).

Three-quarters of a million dollars of tax money annually can buy a lot of hatred toward American men and foreign women.shocking and false news. Sam Brownback and Tahirih get idiot reporter Susie Hodges to tell foreign listeners that the American men who seek wives abroad are mostly serial rapists.

ODR has demanded equal time but the Vatican told us to go to Hell.

The Ohio lawsuit against IMBRA was dropped by Plaintiff American Online Dating Association (AODA) an ad hoc group of mom and pops along with industry giant AFA, who retreated under fire from Tahirih lawyers who promised to abuse the litigation process with financially ruinious discovery.

Those who cannot win on the merits try to win by misusing procedure. ABC News television admits that women abuse men more than men abuse women and conduct an experiment.

They had an actor and actress pose as a couple where the woman was beating on the man calling him a no-good creep of a husband..159 out of 163 passersby, including a policeman, did nothing!

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It takes time because we do not get government grants as do the NGOs whose mission it is to ban international dating and marriage. Click on the Forum link on the right and join the conversation.

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FOUR REASONS American men seek romance abroad: Prague, Ha Long Bay, Red Square, small villages in Latin America.

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