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Satana’s musical style is “sertanejo universitário” (university sertanejo), a subgenre of the wildly popular sertanejo genre, a type of Brazilian country music similar to Forró.

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It is referred to as “university” due to its popularity with younger fans.

In Portuguese the word “Sertanejo” signifies someone or something from the Sertão, a dry, rural region of Brazil known for cattle ranchers, cowboys and similar, in ways, to America’s historic wild west.

Although what is considered to be part of the Sertão region has changed over time and is still disputed, the term generally means backlands and the musical genre which originated in the area spread in popularity throughout the country, including to the biggest cities of São Paulo and Rio.

Santana was born and raised in the city of Campo Grande, the capital of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

He was considered a musical prodigy who first began singing at the age of three, then performing as a teenager at a friend’s party where he was recorded.

A friend put a copy of that recording on Youtube and it went viral.Calls were made in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás, Paraná and Rondônia requesting the song on the radio.However, Santana did not perform live until 2007 and it was only in 2009 when he released his debut album, the aforementioned, Tô de Cara. Baixe no i Tunes: 1mo Ik9H Acesse o site oficial: Bombe a música no Facebook: Claudia Leitte Mande uma pergunta para Claudia: Claudia Leitte Ficha Técnica: Música: Tarraxinha Artista: Claudia Leitte | Participação especial: Luiz Caldas Compositores: Samir / Duller / Fábio Alcântara Direção Artística: Claudia Leitte Direção Executiva: Fabio Neves / Marcio Pedreira Direção Geral: Tamis Lustri / Alceu Neto Direção de Criação: Alceu Neto / Claudia Leitte Direção Musical: Luciano Pinto Direção de Fotografia: Alceu Neto Direção de Vídeo: Ralph Strelow Realização: 2T's Entretenimento Ltda. UM ESPETÁCULO EM NÍVEL INTERNACIONAL PARA 40 MIL PESSOAS!"Os fãs vão se surpreender com o novo DVD de Claudia Leitte. Quem comprar o DVD da cantora brasileira vai pensar que está assistindo a um DVD internacional, tamanha a qualidade da tecnologia implantada no trabalho", contou o crítico musical Umberto Cardoso, que se encantou com o show da estrela no Recife.Claudia Leitte canta a musica Visceral durante a sua passagem com o Blobo Largadinho pelo circuito Barra/Ondina no Carnaval de Salvador.


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