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The good news: Marina City has 1960s state-of-the-art architecture.

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We get service outages two or three times a week (which is total fun when you’re trying to work from home, work on your blog, or talk on your Vo IP phone).

So, after three Chicago years of swearing I’d never order an SBC landline (thieves that they be), I gave in and ordered SBC Yahoo DSL.

Don’t worry, it’s just a naked line to enable DSL service, it’s not like I’m actually going to them for calls I can make more cheaply with Vonage or my cell phone.

Thing is, it seems they turned on my dial tone yesterday. Where is Time Warner Cable of NYC when I finally need them?

The morning’s speakers included Arnold Jackson, Associate Director for Decennial Census at the U. Census Bureau, who focused on the functions of the US Bureau of the Census, both over time and into the future After Mr.

Jackson, the stage was taken by Constance Potter, the Senior Genealogy Specialist from the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington.A recognized expert in both genealogy and the 1940 census, Connie focused on the unique features of the 1940 census and how genealogists can best make use of that information.An extensive Q & A period let participants quiz Connie on all aspects of the 1940 census.But the wonderful, built-in, 1964 telephony technology that infests the walls of Marina City didn’t get the memo. On the other hand, the vintage, 20-foot-wide baseboard electric heater is just sweet. It’s wonderful and all that I have like five phone jacks sprinkled around my one-room apartment. Of course, four of them are round, mid-century, what-the-heck-is-that-thing, Dick Van Dyke Show-era phone jacks.

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