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Several photos of “Girl’s Day” Singer Park Sojin and DO, “EXO” member have been released on social media.All these photographs point us in just one direction and that is the two are involved romantically. According to IBTimes, the photos of the K Pop group can be seen by thousands of fans across the globe as they are being uploaded on Pann which is a micro-blogging site.

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According to koreaboo.com, thousands of admirers of Sojin and D. have put forward their statement on social media which reads as follows: “You all are stating that these photographs are of Sojin and D. being taken at the time of shooting for “Innocence,” however, the fact is just the opposite as these photographs are being clicked at Goheung, which is the same place that was used for fishing incident.

Meanwhile, no response has come from K Pop stars as yet and desperation has been growing among their followers as they are looking forward to put an end to these rumours.

There has been a mixed reaction from fans on the photographs.

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A social media user has released several photos of EXO member DO and Girl's Day Singer Park Sojin online, claiming they are romantically involved.The photos of the Kpop stars have been uploaded on micro-blogging website Pann under the title: "Heol, new evidence of Sojin and D. The images do not clearly indicate a romantic relationship between DO and Sojin, but the uploader said that it is evident through the pictures that the two are spending quality time with each other.However, many of their fans refused to believe the alleged relationship and stated that the photos were taken during the filming of South Korean romantic thriller film "Innocence".Here are some of the messages posted by the followers of Kpop Stars (via Koreaboo): Retorting to the statements put forward by the admirers of DO and Sojin, the social media user said, "Many of you are saying that this picture is of D.O and Sohyun at the filiming of 'Innocence' but the picture was taken in Goheung, the same location as the fishing incident." Meanwhile, the Kpop Stars and their representatives are yet to respond to the speculations and some of their followers are eagerly waiting for the two confirm the news.Earlier, a social media user had claimed that EXO member Chanyeol and Red Velvet singer Joy are dating.


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