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The entrance to the Cafe Apartment proper is to the left of the bookstore (if you’re looking at the building from the Walking Street).

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The building, which is an attraction in itself, is like a library of coffee shops: browse each floor, checking out the décor of each cafe, before deciding which one to settle into.

All the cafes face southwest, with little balconies overlooking the Walking Street, downtown, and the Saigon River.

A staircase leads to all floors or you can pay 3,000vnd to use the elevator (cafes will refund this fee when you pay your bill).

Most cafes are open from 8am to 10pm (when the building closes); prices for drinks and snacks are reasonable but not cheap; parking is next door at Lucky Plaza (5,000vnd).

You could easily spend a whole day exploring this building and its cafes: it’s very fun and very ‘Saigon’.

In this guide, I’ve written a description of all the cafes on all the floors of the Cafe Apartment.

The entire ground floor is taken up by the enormous Fahasa Bookstore.

If you’re looking for a book, map, newspaper or magazine, you’re more likely to find it here than most other Saigon bookstores.

Saigon’s new Walking Street offers many historic, modern, and culinary attractions.

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