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See full summary » A woman murders her boyfriends and steals some diamonds he has smuggled.

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EROTICO – DURATA 93′ – ITALIA Un campo di prigionia delle donne si trova nel cuore della foresta pluviale tropicale.

Guardie sadiche e un operaio dall inferno rendono la vita quasi insopportabile per i detenuti, e ogni infrazione delle regole e’ trattate in maniera rapida e selvaggiamente…

Sadistic guards and a warden from hell make life almost unbearable for the inmates, and any infraction of the rules is ...

See full summary » The young, pretty and shy Angela Duvall is jailed for murder in a Brazilian prison.

Whilst there she is brutally "initiated" by the other inmates. See full summary » Young women in the Amazon are kidnapped by a ring of devil-worshipers, who plan to sell them as sex slaves.

Some of the women escape, but are pursued into the jungle by their captors. See full summary » A handful of mysterious Japanese women take part in a deranged web show that makes them strip off their clothes when they lose a round of Mahjong. See full summary » A small-time hood brings the attention of the law with an insurance scam and diamond theft, but things become even more interesting when his moll murders him and is slammed behind bars ...

See full summary » During World War II, the tyrannical Judge Murayama uses his military power to imprison and torture innocent people.

Suspected of helping an anti-government movement, the lovely Namiji ...

A women's prison camp is located deep in the tropical rain forest.

Sadistic guards and a warden from hell make life almost unbearable for the inmates, and any infraction of the rules is dealt with swiftly and savagely.

The camp doctor is horrified at what he sees happening, and drinks heavily to push the horror away.


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  6. This new museum is an expansion of the old Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum, which formerly occupied the same site.

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