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Victor Frankenstein (portrayed by Gene Wilder): That's "Fronkensteen"!

NC (vo): The comedy came from the idea of taking something that was so massive, so scary, and so dramatic; but instead looking at it from a different point of view that asked "what if the little mistakes and funny flaws of humanity were much more prominent in the story"?

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" These are ideas that all stem from the original source material, but instead gave it a comedic edge.

NC (vo): Other filmmakers would take their shot at doing feature length spoofs as well.

The Zucker brothers and Jim Abrams were following suit, satirizing Airport with Airplane, Top Gun with Hotshots, Rambo with Hotshots Part Deux, and so forth.

All these movies were big hits, and it seemed like parodies were only coming out bigger, funnier and faster.

But, maybe they were starting to come out too fast.

When the movie Spy Hard came out, less qualified filmmakers suddenly realized how easy it is to make a parody look funny, even if the humour was lacking. Miss Cheevus: You're going to look like Swiss cheese when they find you. NC (vo): Scenes in this movie that look like other scenes from movies, and of course a touch of gross out humour.

There also seemed to be an emphasis of shoving as many movie parodies as possible.

Not because they had anything clever to say about it, or do with the material; but because "hey if Hotshots just satirized one movie; imagine what a flick satirizing tons of movies could do"!

(shortened version of the opening) NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't have to. (Clips from Spaceballs, Airplane, and Hot Shots are shown) NC (vo): Some of our best jokes, satires, and even characters used to go into them.

Well, I think since this last weekend we all know what the big blockbuster to beat this year is. NC (vo): (clips from the said film are shown) The fifth in the record-breaking saga that seems to bring in less and less money every single time one's released. The other spoof movies have been doing so well like- (Posters of the fore-mentioned movies are shown) NC (vo): Haunted House, and Vampires Suck, and Stan Stelsing, and-- NC: By God! (Cut to a picture of Mel Brooks) Even legendary comedian Mel Brooks made some of his biggest hits with spoof movies.

But, now it seems like every time someone hears the words "spoof", "satire", or "parody"; the first thing that pops into their heads aren't classics like Airplane or Spaceballs.


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