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So not too surprisingly, it can be difficult to locate identifying information equivalent to that available in print publications in an online source and fit it into a traditional citation format.

Sometimes you have to do some investigation, or even be a little creative, to get the necessary information.

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This is mainly due to a sea change in how the information is created.

In traditional print publications, determination of which writing is accepted and how it will appear is highly controlled, resulting in high quality, easy-to-document sources.

In the Web environment, anyone can publish in any style they wish.

There are no editors to make sure the author puts their name and date on the page, provides meaningful content, or even makes sure their facts are straight.

As a result, the burden is put on the reader, including you the researcher, to locate the information identifying the source and to judge if the Web pages content is accurate and of an appropriate quality.

The following list takes a look at traditional citation elements in the Web environment: Date: Every bit as important in the Web environment as it is in the print world but all too often this critical information is missing.

Some web sites include a last updated or last modified date.

More and more sites are providing a copyright date.

When you write your research paper, you'll include lots of information from many sources.

You must indicate where you found that information. Otherwise, you could be guilty of plagiarism or academic dishonesty, which means taking someone else's ideas and making it look as if they are your own.

This is called "citing your sources." Citing your sources gives credit to the people who provided the information, gives your work credibility, and tells the person reading your paper where you found the information. To cite your sources (in the style established by American Psychological Association), you'll need to do two things: PROVIDE A LIST OF "REFERENCES" AT THE END OF YOUR PAPER.


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