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The pups are born blind but open their eyes 9 to 14 days after birth.

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Red foxes utilize a wide range of habitats including forest, tundra, prairie, desert, mountains, farmlands, and urban areas.

They prefer mixed vegetation communities, such as edge habitats and mixed scrub and woodland.

They are found from sea level to 4500 meters elevation.

Breeding season varies from region to region but usually begins in December or January in the south, January to February in the central regions, and February to April in the north.

Females are pregnant usually for 51 to 53 days and give birth to about 5 pups, although some litters have been as large as 13 pups!

Just before and for a time after giving birth the female remains in or around the den.

The male will give his mate food but does not go into the maternity den.

Young red foxes are between 50 and 150 g in weight when they are born.

Red fox fur color ranges from pale yellowish red to deep reddish brown on the upper parts and white, ashy, or slaty on the underside.

The lower part of the legs is usually black and the tail usually has a white or black tip. Cross foxes have reddish brown fur with a black stripe down the back and another across the shoulders.

Silver foxes range from strong silver to nearly black and are the most prized by furriers.


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