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Free Daily Horoscope: Created especially for you Quality: We offer horoscope interpretations of prime quality All our free Horoscopes: Enjoy your expedition! In my view, this has led to the distortion of much of astrology's fundamental symbolism.

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The AA President reflects on the ‘cosmic weather’ of Brexit against the history of three UK General Elections since 1945 which led to radical social change, with especial focus on astro-cycles and the Saturn-Neptune squares. How does new PM Theresa May differ from Margaret Thatcher?

Regions beyond the safe boundaries of the civilized. These are some of the realms of the zodiacal sign of Scorpio and its planetary ruler, Pluto.

Everyone familiar with astrology and its tools knows the planet Mercury refers to mental activities and faculties of the mind.

According to natal astrology, the position of Mercury in your birth chart symbolizes the quality of energy propelling your mind through the areas of experience where it best functions.

But this is not the most fundamental approach to determining and understanding mental temperament, because it fails to focus on the cycle of Mercury as a whole, and on Mercury’s particular cyclic phase at the time of birth.

This week we are going to look at the former prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon.

He is of particular interest not only because of his involvement in what seems to be the unending Arab-Israeli conflict, but because in that conflict he is widely perceived as a hawk.

Many believe that his appointment as prime minister means that peace is further away than ever.

First steps in Astrology, by Liz Greene This introduction into the basic ideas of astrology is taken from the children's book "Looking at Astrology" by Liz Greene.

Although once written for children, the text is very interesting for everyone who wants to take first steps in astrology.

The geology of Mars is the scientific study of the surface, crust, and interior of the planet Mars.


  1. The entire Dating DNA site is “G Rated.” This means any of the public areas must not contain anything offensive to a “general audience.” (No nude or suggestive photos, no profanity or adult language in the forums and chat rooms, etc.) For example, our Forums and Chat Rooms have a filter to screen out potentially offensive, non-G rated language.

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  3. Basically, it's fact-based storytelling that makes people want to keep reading.

  4. “I would date you if you weren’t that short.” “Sorry, but I only like guys who are over six feet tall.” “If you’re too short, swipe left.” (Tinder rejection) Almost all shorter men (around 5’9″ and below) who’ve tried to get dates or start romantic relationships have heard similar phrases, or seen them online.

  5. This metaphor of the marketplace – a place where people go to "shop" for potential romantic partners and to "sell" themselves in hopes of creating a successful romantic relationship – is highlighted by the layout and functionality of online dating websites.

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