Funny jokes about dating sites

That is what we the people are supposed to do and that is all part of living in a free country and helping to ensure that it remains a free country.

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And by someone else, I mean that the government forcefully took money out of someone else's wages against their will in order to then turn around and give you that money for "free".

So today, people actually think that having a government give them stuff for "free" is right and normal. To live in a free country means that you have the OPPORTUNITY to do something constructive with your life and work the job of your own choice which makes you happy. Well Lars Ulrich worked a hell of a lot harder to gain his wealth than I have ever worked in my life.

A free country does NOT mean that the government there will just give you stuff for "free". I have the opportunity to work as hard as he has but I'm just not that willing to work that hard.

So today, these Occupy protestors are pissed off that some people have a lot of money while they themselves don't have much money at all and feel that those "rich people" should give away their extra money to the Occupy people so that everyone has the same amount of money. If you want to have more money, WORK HARDER than you are right now. Therefore, I know I have nothing to complain about.

Sometimes I just want to test whether or not we still have freedom of speech in this country.

If you want streamlined content that is politically correct, watch network TV. Cherry Cheesecake girls are a new feature on the site.The word "Cheesecake" is Olde Tyme slang for pinup modeling, so I thought it would be cool to have some girl photos on the site.Naturally, one of you ladies is going to point out the need for fair play, so yes, now there are some photos of dudes too, but not too many.I'm just a stupid biker but unlike the elected officials who run this country, at least I know why the economy sucks. When it cost's me 0.00 per month in gas to go to work everyday, I'm not going to have as much money left over to go out and spend money of all the stuff that helps the economy be healthy. The world's economy revolves around people in the United States buying lots of stuff.So lower the price of gas in the United States and not only will us Americans go out and buy stuff, most of what we buy will be made in other countries and everyone will be happy.The older I get, the more I realize how screwed up are things in this world.


  1. The first step in undertaking any goal of importance is simply taking a second step.

  2. Just now taking applications in Chicago, Grouper is a dating site that rejects the awkward notion of initial one-on-one dates by having the two people being set up each bring two friends, creating a three-on-three scenario that's perfect for pick-up basketball.

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