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This article is about the country bordering the Adriatic Sea. For the historic region of Croatia to its east, see Slavonia. Historically, the current territory of Slovenia was part of many different state formations, including the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, followed by the Habsburg Monarchy.

In October 1918, the Slovenes exercised self-determination for the first time by co-founding the internationally unrecognized State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs.

The Slovenians mostly wanted to be with Germany and Austria, but merged that December with the Kingdom of Serbia into the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (renamed Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929).

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Trenčianske Bohuslavice-Pod Tureckom is one of the most important Gravettian open-air sites in the Slovak Republic.

It is situated in Western Slovakia, in the middle course of the Váh River, in the area with abundant Upper Palaeolithic settlement.

Systematic archaeological research was conducted by Juraj Bárta in 1981–1986, when 478 m) amount of revisory research conducted in 2008 had an interdisciplinary character, including detailed sedimentological, stable isotope, seasonality, fired clay pellets, lithic raw materials, pollen and malacofaunal analyses.

Stable isotope analyses were used for the first time in Palaeolithic research in Slovakia.

Three Gravettian occupational levels in superposition were discovered at depths of 25–35 cm (layer I – ∼27 ka), 55–75 cm (layer II – ∼28 ka) and of 85–125 cm (layer III – 29.5 ka).

The results of most analyses were similar to those obtained from other Gravettian sites in the Middle Danube region.The analyses of sediment and malacofauna indicated cooling in the studied time intervals, Stable isotope analyses indicated the mosaic character of the Gravettian palaeoenvironment.Floral and faunal analyses agreed well with the dates of all three cultural layers, which represent rather colder stadial than warmer interstadial conditions. If your browser does not accept cookies, you cannot view this site.There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.Below are the most common reasons: This site uses cookies to improve performance by remembering that you are logged in when you go from page to page.


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