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The last destination was Yene Assegid of Ethiopia who said the disconnect between the young and elders mentioned by Elizabeth Lindsey parallels her experience working in development in Africa.Oftentimes organizations rely on “numb practitioners” who are out of sync with what’s happening on the ground level, so they don’t make linkages with those who have been there.

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The center will also serve as a community space where parents, teachers, mentors and volunteers can create and implement innovative policies and programs affecting positive change for Ghana’s girls and young women.library facilities will provide access to hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles available to girls ages 3 -19 free of charge.

Books are provided by The Revolutionary Underground Foundation and generous donors.

Donations of books are solicited from donors from the international community year round.

Girls will be provided with identification cards and ID numbers and must be registered to utilize the library facilities.

The library facility will include We recognize the importance of the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy skills and free literacy classes will be provided on a daily basis for girls who are unable to read and write as well as girls who need improvement.

Volunteers will teach using a combination of traditional teaching methods as well as non-traditional and computer based learning.

Literacy classes will focus on reading comprehension, pronunciation and spelling.

Class schedules will be posted monthly and additionally twice monthly the Learning Hub will provide evening literacy classes to adult women in the communitywill be the storehouse of up to date information on various services, programs, and opportunities available for girls.

Tuesday afternoon at the TEDx Africa Skype station, host Kelo Kubu chatted with TEDx events in South Africa, Ghana and Ethiopia.

It was on the verge of midnight in Johannesburg when Bongi Mkhabela of TEDx Soweto talked with TEDWomen attendees about the importance of listening to different perspectives — a strong theme in Session 1.

Halla Tomasdottir spoke about balancing the global financial system by injecting it with women’s voices and values.


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