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If you don’t have some super pussy magnet pictures or look like Brad Pitt, you have to take a chance.

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Yes, it’s hilarious, , but it won’t get you laid or out on a date. The same opening lines will have different success rates depending on the situation.

A lot of factors come into play when the girl is making the decision about texting you back, so you need to get in her head and figure out what she’s thinking. The simple answer would be that she is attracted to you, but there is more to it.

This could be a whole blog post by itself but I will keep it to the essentials. First of all, let’s actually assume that she IS interested in you.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case since a lot of girls just use Tinder (or real life) as a way to get an ego boost, or because they’re bored. You already know that she is interested in you or else she wouldn’t have liked you in the first place!

When I say ‘she is interested in you’ I just mean that she is interested in finding out more about you. She is not into you yet, but she is open to communicate and see where it goes. Now fap, clean up, relax, and let’s analyze the situation with a clear mind. So far she has only seen your Tinder pictures, and your profile text. Are you good looking, or are you doing interesting stuff in your pictures? Why would she have swiped right in the first place.

Answer honestly and please drop all the self-destructive “I don’t know… she is like an angel farting rainbows, and I’m just a troll living in my mom’s basement”. Now look at all the information you have about her. That greatly affects how you should formulate your tinder pickup lines.

If that is your mindset, there is nothing I can do for you. For example, if she is really hot, everybody will have liked her on Tinder.

Literally every single guy she likes on Tinder will be a match.

Or better yet – is actually interested in hooking up? You do actually have to be a cool person before she will fuck you- no matter what you text her But that’s a whole different blog post.. I was pretty charming in person but online I had no luck. Hot girls actually liked me AND they initiated the conversation? Therefore, make the initial contact light and simple. I can guarantee 99% of women do NOT want to see your cock.


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