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In this report, interactive gambling is used as an overarching term, and therefore is not used in the same way as in the IGA — ‘excluded services’ in the IGA are referred to as ‘legal services’, primarily because the use of the term excluded is confusing when referring to services that are allowed.

The IGA does provide exclusions to this prohibition, whereby certain wagering and gaming services, are legally allowed to be provided in Australia.

The framing of the IGA, given that it sets the parameters for legal and illegal forms of services, has had a strong influence on what aspects of interactive gambling services are provided by Australian based hosts.

State and Territory legislation continues to regulate the way in which legal forms of interactive gambling can be provided in Australia (for instance, by licensing providers and setting requirements to protect players).

The exclusions afforded in the IGA to Internet wagering services (such as Internet sports betting) were primarily driven by perceived differences in the style of play — these legal forms of wagering were not considered to have the same continuous, and addictive, format as prohibited services.

The Allen Consulting Group was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Fa HCSIA) to undertake a literature review of the current trends and regulation of interactive gambling, both in Australia and overseas.

The purpose of this study is to analyse and report on publicly available information regarding current trends in interactive gambling, including: Figure ES.1 illustrates how these definitions interrelate.

Within this framework there are various forms of interactive gambling, for instance Internet gaming, Internet wagering, phone wagering, Television gaming, etc.

Internet gambling is a collective term, which captures both .

This terminology has been applied throughout this report to ensure consistency of language and to aid reader understanding.


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