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Meet Akabanga, a hot sauce so spicy that you only need one or two drops of it — and conveniently, it comes packaged in little eyedropper bottles.

The recipe is simple: 80% pili-pili extract (when the peppers are yellow), and 20% vegetable oil.

With that high percentage of peppers, there’s no doubt that Akabanga rates high on the heat index: in the range of 50,000 – 100,000 Scoville Heat Units.

That’s quantitatively 20 times hotter than Tuong Ot Sriracha!

However, like any hot sauce, that intensity can be controlled by the individual eater, by the amount put on food.

This week in seamless collaboration nations, I build a big fat slew of arm parties for the folks at Bauble Bar and suggest that you, the reader, ponder the notion of purchase.

By that I most certainly mean: drop it like it’s hot.

At a set, you receive five bracelets hand-picked by my freaky ass and then wear them all together until the mass covered by the bracelets in question on your wrist is officially one shade lighter than the rest of your arm. The relationship with Bauble Bar started in part due to a Wall Street Journal video on layering bracelets that I volunteered my marginal expertise for about a month ago and then continued to cultivate itself through everyone’s favorite, Instagram, see: crystal bars.

While I have your attention, let’s also open the floor to discuss the evolution of the arm party and whether or not it’s appropriate that we maybe, just maybe, shelf it for a short while.

You either love or abstain from its spiciness, but there’s no doubt that it’s becoming a standard condiment at many a dining table these days.

Inspired by southeast Asia, the long red chili pepper-based sauce — particularly the Huy Fong Foods brand’s Tuong Ot Sriracha, with its signature green-capped bottle adorned with a rooster — has gained such a popularity in parts of America that it now has a sort of cult status, akin to bacon.

However, sriracha isn’t the only hot sauce worthy of a cult.


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