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The Center for Platelet Research Studies is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary center for the study of platelet function by state of the art methods.The Center undertakes basic, translational, and clinical research, including clinical trials of drugs, devices, and tests.A major interest of the Center is antiplatelet therapy for the treatment of thrombosis: basic mechanisms, standardization of monitoring assays, and clinical outcomes.

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Edotek is a scientific consultancy which provides technical assistance to industry and other agencies helping them to solve problems in the areas of chemistry and materials technology.

This might be in connection with research & development activities, manufacturing and production or ‘in-service’ situations.

Edotek has been engaged on tasks which may have taken anything from half a day or up to 3 years to complete!

Typical activities include; We can act for you purely in the role of consultants providing technical information, or become involved in ‘hands on test-work’ in order to solve your problem.

We work with a wide range of chemicals, metals & alloys as well as polymeric materials (rubbers and plastics).

Formed in 1998, Edotek works for clients ranging from very small start-up companies through to major organisations like the UK Ministry of Defence and the European Space Agency.

We have overseas clients in several European countries as well as the USA.

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