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They can be later refined or colored with a free vector graphic program like Inkscape.

TO-DO in next versions: - add Icon (anyone interested in creating one?

The idea of this application is based on his source codes (and application of course).

) - add more output formats (in RGB565 to Image convertion) - rewrite for Linux & Mac (into Mono) - add feature to select from which device screen shot will be taken (if there are more than one) - add ability to backup splash1 - multi-language support - list of Pixel Formats and you can choose (for devices with other BPP-s (like o Phone)) There is two files, "RGB565Convertor.exe" and "librgb565.dll". Opening and Converting is in this library so you can use it in your application if you want. I will release full source codes soon (when I will get changes done and full comments Changelog: v0.3 Added feature to flash splash1 to device.

Fixed bug when no device was connected and "Screenshot" button was pressed.

v0.2 Added ability to make screenshot's (from first connected device/emulator) v0.1 - First release Can convert images to RGB565 and back.

By the way, if you want to try RGB565 to image conversion, try this: Download ADB (if you dont have it till now) And type You can try but I'm not sure if it will work (screenshot wont because these binaries are for windows only).

But I have the conversion for other OS-es in my To-Do...anyway, that one is developed under . It's windows application that is built to get first boot logo (T-Mobile G1) changeing simplier.

With this you can select image and hit flash splash1 button and it will flash it on your phone directly .

It also allows to take screenshots or convert rgb565 binary files to "readable" image formats.

Hi, I want to perform the feature detection from the example app on a jpeg image instead of the camera image.

I have the jpeg image stored in a byte array, but how can I convert it to a RGB or YUV image, so that I can work with it with the Fast Cv SDK? I have only found methods to convert between RGB and YUV.

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