Intp and infj dating site

In fact the positive side of their analytical mind is a great gift for problem solving.

However in all likelihood, your partner will also be the first person to call you up the next day and suggest that he/she takes you out for coffee or make it up to you somehow.

If you are the Judging sort according to the MBTI keywords, this characteristic in an INTP may be difficult to understand and may even appear to be a sign of flightiness or indecisiveness.

However rather than accusing your INTP partner of not knowing their mind, try to understand their tendency to keeping one’s options open and their dislike for living according to a highly structured way of life.

Keep plans to a minimum when dating an INTP and simply take pleasure in their spontaneous way of doing things.

Have patience The presence of Introversion and Thinking aspects in the INTP personality type make these people exceedingly partial towards analyzing everything in their lives, including their relationships.

So you may find out after a few weeks into your relationship that your INTP girlfriend has been dissecting every word you said to her on your second date.

Or your INTP boyfriend may be thinking over and over why you paid for the lunch date instead of allowing him to foot the bill.

This excessive analysis might grate on your nerves sometimes but try to have patience with your INTP partner since they need to understand thoroughly what is going on with their lives before they can fully accept and be happy in the relationship.

Quiet, contained and flexible is how the INTP personality type is described in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator official website.


  1. This was in comparison with 3% of control subjects with a low RMR.

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