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This is a supremely flower boy cast if I ever saw one assembled, and truth be told the C-drama version got tons of flack when it was cast for not picking enough flower boys.All the male leads were questioned and raked through the coals by rabid fans of the novel – with Nicky and Kevin Cheng being derided as too told and no longer popular enough for leads 4 and 8, too many newbies in Lin Geng Xin and Ye Zhu Xin, and wrong casting of Han Dong and Yuan Hong as their respective princes rather than other princes.

Iu and joong ki dating sites

’ (Kang Ha Neul) was in town last weekend to promote the upcoming drama’s premiere on ONE, where he shared some fond memories of Singapore as well as his thoughts on starring in this fantasy-historical drama.

At the private press conference on 26 August, the star actor expressed that he was happy to be back in Singapore for the second time as he made great memories with fans who came to his Fan Meet on the previous visit.

A star-studded drama starring the nation’s little sister IU, Korean heartthrobs and flower boys Lee Joon Ki, Kang Ha Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, Baek Hyun (from EXO), Nam Joo Hyuk, and Ji Soo, Scarlet Heart is based on the remake of popular Chinese drama series 步步惊心.

Kang Ha Neul, who plays the 8’ (IU) falls in love with in the drama, mentioned that he knew about the Chinese series of Scarlet Heart (步步惊心) even before the Korean remake was announced because of its immense popularity, hence there was a lot of pressure that went into this production.

Rumors have been flying about a possible relationship between actor Kim Soo Hyun and 2NE1 member and actress Sandara Park aka Dara. Jung Il Woo has said that Sandara Park is his only female friend.

Often rumors are just a prequel to the news that a couple really is dating. Sandara Park had cameos in two dramas that starred Kim Soo Hyun. They became friends when they worked together on the drama "Iljimae together.

That was the case with Big Bang member Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin. So far, no actual photos have surfaced of this couple dining together but both stars are easily recognizable. She walked down a red carpet, playing herself in "You Who Came From The Stars," and played a celebrity variety show guest in his new drama "Producer." In "Producer" his rookie PD character doesn't have much chance to interact with her because he is busy taking care of Cindy, played by IU. Jung Il Woo and Kim Soo Hyun played rivals and became friends on the set of the saeguk "The Moon Embracing The Sun." And Jung Il Woo has spoken about how he likes to introduce his friends to each other.

But just what started the Kim Soo Hyun and Sandara Park rumors? Here are five reasons we think these two k-celebs might be dating. Both Park and Kim are known for their sense of humor. Sandara Park was a big fan of "You Who Came From The Stars." She said she was motivated to get in shape by watching Jun Ji Hyun's character struggle with her weight.

And Jun Ji Hyun's character wanted to look her best for the character played by Kim Soo Hyun. Sandara Park has expressed her admiration for various actors including Won Bin and Kang Dong Gun.


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