James jirayu and bella ranee dating websites

Adjust quality if you must :) I've been working on this mv for awhile but just needed the lakorn to end to actually finish this video lol. I don't even know when was the last time I did a full video actually.

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There's like a little boo boo towards the end lol and since I didn't want to re-render the whole video because it takes way too long, I left it alone. Haha, yes another video of them and will probably be another one later soon haha.

First of all, I'm so happy that they are back together but I'll do a video on that later.

This video focuses more on their problems and breakups. No copyrights infringement intended HD for better quality : D I didn't do much to this video because I've been postponing this since they had the event which was September 15 so i kind of lost motivation to edit it so yeah, it's really simple.

For some odd reason, I couldn't put my watermark on at the corner because when I start to render, the watermark shifts to the middle of the screen. Anyways, I was so happy when I found out they were going to have another event, I'm hoping they have one more before James fly to Korea for a month.

Some pics are during performances and some are "off-camera" haha if you know what that means. And I wonder why Bella suddenly decided to change the song that they were singing to this song lol Because of them, I fell in love with this song!

Pictures credits: @withjamesji IG, Jiranee pantip, aboutjamesbella, AIS, pattch_yy, noonie27,gang_maibad Clip credits sitra HD please!!!I was happy when I found out my brother has Sony Vegas on his laptop so I started doing this MV like a few days ago and I finally finish.It was hard because I wasn't familiar with his plug-ins but I think the whole MV turned out pretty okay. Thank you sujittra nakyai for the video follow us: James Club If you good in English and love James Jirayu and want to be a part of supporting team. The title of this lakorn speaks to what it means to be a “model” wife in historical, olden context.Back then not only is a model wife educated and skilled in the world of home making, but she must be loyal and tend to her husband’s every wants and needs.

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