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On the December 28 episode of SBS’ “Running Man,” the members wrapped up the year by reminiscing some of the most memorable moments of 2014. Song Ji Hyo went on to reveal, “Gary had a serious talk with me.Yoo Jae Suk said, “This year, Kwangsoo has been in the center of scandals,” referring to the dating rumors surrounding Lee Kwangsoo and actress Wang Ji Hye. He said that we should be a couple for one month for the show.” Hearing this, the members encouraged the two to turn thoughts into action, saying, “That doesn’t sound bad,” and “That’s just the beginning.” Would you like to see ‘Monday Couple’ come true?Song Ji Hyo was asked to share what 2014 means to her, but before she could even open her mouth, Gary responded to the question on her behalf.

It was recently revealed that Song Ji Hyo had broken up with her CEO boyfriend Baek Chang Ju in December 2014 and in July 2015 she announced she was leaving his agency C J-e S Entertainment.

It was not the first time the couple had broken up, but every time they had in the past, “Running Man” fans wondered if Leessang’s Gary Kang stood a chance.

Song and Kang have had a long-running love line on the popular variety show and fans love to ship them. Not just fans but fellow cast members seem to agree they should be a real couple.

Even Kim Jong Kook said so on February 2 broadcast of the SBS show “Healing Camp.” An audience member asked him if he ever wanted to confess his feelings to Song Ji Hyo outside of the show.

He sighed and surprised the audience with his answer.

"I′ve never contacted her privately.” But that does not mean there is nothing to confess.

“When you have a love line, you start to discover, ‘Oh, there′s this side to her.’ But I suppressed it a lot.

I thought ‘Don′t be swayed, don′t be swayed’ so much because I thought if we break up, one of us has to leave the show.” He said it in a way that made it seem like a joke but there is some truth to the downside of having a relationship when you already have such a successful working relationship with someone.

"That′s why, I′m just working," he said and the audience laughed.

When Song was called on the same episode of “Healing Camp,” she was asked about a surprise kiss that she recently received from Gary.

“When Gary gave you a surprise kiss on ‘Running Man,’ how did you feel?


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