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An evil lord, eager to rule the Valley of Knights, steals a magic suit of armor and is determined to hunt down the young queen for the missing part, the snow-making glove.

But two courageous kids from our world are coming to her rescue.

Nine-year-old Kevin lives in a boring neighborhood in small town Sølvskogen (Silverwood), with his rather boring middle class family.

He is bullied at school, but too scared to say anything...

See full summary » Love sick Doktor Proktor has gone back in time desperately trying to change the cause history, to stop the wedding of his beloved Juliette and the horrible Claude Cliché, but are stuck in time. A small princess in a small kingdom in Adventureland disappears on Christmas eve. The Queen follows and the King curses the Christmas Star, so it disappears for years, until young Sonja arrives.

Princess Fjellrose has never been outside the safe mountain, until her father is sick and dying. She goes on a dangerous journey, and put their world in danger, in spite of her good intentions.

The headstrong Isabel after the car accident the grandfather starts searching the legendary sword of the famous D'Artagnan, which for centuries has disappeared. See full summary » There has been three years since Eiril was forced to close the portal between our world and Ridderdalen (Knight Valley) to keep evil away, and thereby she also parted herself from her best friend Kevin, with whom she restored Christmas in Ridderdalen.

Now it's Christmas time again, and a deeply unhappy Kevin is still working hard to find another portal to Ridderdalen, while Eiril - whom in the meantime has become queen in the kingdom where Kevin is still celebrated by the people, known as the ''King of Christmas'' - is still as inconsolable, and Kevin's little sister Mira is working on putting her princess dreams behind.

Their parents is struggling financially and fighting with each other, and there is not good times for the Grans, who might have to cancel yet another Christmas celebration.

But then the evil lord Snerk stumbles upon a highly powerful magical armor, and now all he needs is Eiril's magic snow glove to complete it.

Eiril is forced to escape - and by doing that, she ...


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