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ipfji|iii|ii; » § ii ' D 3 ^ UC-NRLF '1 :' 1 III II II 1 C 2 7M5 "n S J » ! To be pui-chased through any Bookseller or directly from H. STATIONERY OFFICE at the following addresses : Imperial House, Kingsvvay, London, W. 'Abdul Hamid's private property, Sanniyah lands, had been managed, as has been said, by yet another organisation, wholly independent of the P]-ovincial Government.• ^^ ^ MESOPOTAMIA (REVIEW OF THE CIVIL ADMINISTRATION). They were well cared for, and the cultivators enjoyed certain privileges, such as exemption from militaiy service.

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His Majesty's Government ca U-^d for a report on this difficult period from the Acting Civil Commissioner, who entrusted the preparation of it to Miss Gertrude L. The administration of all these different forms of landed property was combined after the occupation of Basrah under the Revenue Department.

&t0 Mnie^tv, LONDON: PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY HIS MAJESTY'S STATIONERY OFFICE. Its decisions were not necessarily communicated to the Plnance Department.

Allocated lands came under the Daftardar for financial purposes, )jut iinother department, that of Tapu, or land registration, was charged with recording and verifying titles.

Andrew's Crescjint, Cardiff ; 23, Forth Street, Edinburgh ; or from E. State lands, Amiriyah, were controlled by the lociil Finance Department under the Daftardar, the chief financial officer of the province.

Mesopotamia was regarded by them as a conquered country, and all such lands as had not been allocated by the Government to private individuals belonged in theory to the State.

This was, in fact, the Ottoman concept, and it underlay the agrarian system of the Turks.

A$ for the methods of collecting taxation, the gradual extinction of the tax-farmer vva^ the desired goal, together with the substitution of a fixed for a fluctuating demand', ■but neitlier aim could be achieved at once. A more correct impression of this branch of the administration would be conveyed if it were to be considered as the land agent of an estate, represented by the 'Iraq, the proprietor being the Government.

Tlie Revenue Department at Adniinisti-ative Headquarters worked locally through the I'olitical C)fficers of the district, which put an end to the forme division between the executive and revenue branches of the administration.

Such amalgamation was inevitable at first owing to the lack of British officei's and of qualified Arab assistants, but it was not intended to be otherwise than a temporary expedient ; and with the increase of stalf and the development of administration, Customs, Auqaf and Education became separate units.

In addition, Auqaf and Education were included, ^ike ( 'ustoins, in the Revenue Department.

Quarantine, which may have had its uses in Turkish times in connection with the annual influx of i^ilgrims, chiefly from Persia; was no longer needed, since pilgrimage had been intermitted by the war and the port -authorities ilealt with arrivals by sea.


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