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The movie doesn't go into a Gospel presentation; it is just sort of a documentary of what happened. You probably didn't know at that point you needed a Savior, being on and having money and being famous.Could you talk about how you got converted to Christ? I really wasn't looking for something better than money or better than popularity.

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I wouldn't be able to buy my way with all my money and celebrity. This whole evangelizing through TV is kind of interesting.

I would ultimately have to give an answer for the life that I have lived. You know it is interesting to me that so many people in America don't understand what they are being saved from, so I appreciate The Way of the Master program that you and Ray Comfort are doing. KIRK CAMERON: I heard a message that Ray Comfort had given and has given for years called 'Hell's Best Kept Secret' and I was so inspired by it and shook up over it that we got together, we became fast friends, shared a concern for the lost, and began ministering together.

I could see that it was God's forgiveness and His mercy that I needed, and that was provided through Christ on the Cross for those who will receive Him as Lord and Savior. We have published this book called , and it is just 25 years of ministry efforts combined into one book, along with personal witnessing stories from me using the methods that we teach in the book that Jesus used.

We started a television program so that we could not only talk to Christians, teaching them how to share their faith, but then go on the streets and then demonstrate it.

This command of Jesus, as written in Mark , states that believers should be actively witnessing to non-believers.

Yet many Christians don't know the first thing about sharing their faith.

According to actor, husband, father of six, and evangelist Kirk Cameron, it doesn't take being a Bible scholar or a student of apologetics to present the Gospel message to today's culture with amazing results.

And it doesn't mean you have to water down the original biblical message to make it more contemporary and palatable, as some churches today have erroneously done.

All you have to follow is a four-step process, or what Kirk Cameron and his partner in evangelism, Ray Comfort, call 'The Way of the Master.' Just remember the four-letter acronym WDJD, which stands for What become an evangelist -- and on TV, no less?

That, along with this exciting way of reaching out to non-Christians everywhere in a biblical and non-threatening manner was exactly what I wanted to find out.

I was scheduled to talk to Kirk face-to-face in February 2004 in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he was scheduled to host the National Religious Broadcasters media awards, but Kirk got called to film another As he put it, "Everybody has been scrambling around trying to find Christians in Hollywood." Plus, he says he has been what he called 'a sounding board' for MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and was scheduled to give his views on ? I went to the theater by myself on purpose with a box of tissues, knowing that it would be rough to watch. It made me want to stand up inside the theater at the end of the movie and say, 'Does everyone understand why this man died on the Cross and what you have to do with that?

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