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Welcome to the World Dance Awards, the premier international dance award show recognizing the art of media choreography, the choreographers and all "dance-makers" around the world!Hollywood has the Oscars, the Emmys, and the Grammys and now it has the World Dance Awards!

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The Categories the World Dance Awards recognizes are Feature Film, Television Episodic, Television Live Performance, Television Award Show/Special, Commercials, Music Video, Concert/Live Performance and introducing Best Foreign Choreography, plus the Next Generation Award.

With footage from the best 40 pieces of choreography nominated, celebrity presenters and 8 dance performances, from hip-hop, contemporary, cabaret and classical ballet, created by the top Choreographers and performed by the most talented Dancers in the world today, gives the World Dance Awards the synergy unlike any other show of its kind.

For more info about the World Dance Awards go to Kyle Hanagami class at Fair Play Dance Camp | WORLDWIDE DANCE EVENT | Cracow, Poland fairplaydancecamp The Best Teachers | Workshops | Battles | Meetings | Lectures | Concerts | Jams | Parties | Smile | Peace | Love | Dance | Friendship | Family | Feel like Home | Great Energy | Swagg :) Fair Play Dance Community Kyle Hanagami Obviously, he is pretty known for all the dancers and dance freaks.

On a daily basic he presents his talent and unique style at the best dance schools in Los Angeles: Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and Edge Performing Arts Center.

Guys, we finally made a dance tutorial for all of you who won't stop asking!

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: H0O Click here to watch my other videos: JMW Kyle Hanagami INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: Haley Fitzgerald INSTAGRAM: Filmed at my apartment in Los Angeles, CA.

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The Hip Drop proudly presents Kyle Hanagami(US) at Summer Drop 2013 (Level 2 - Week 1) MUSIC: "Strawberry Bubblegum" by Justin Timberlake EDITED BY: Mecnun Giasar CONTACT INFO: ******************* - WEBSITE: - EMAIL: [email protected] - FACEBOOK: pages/The-Hip-Drop-Dance-Complex/107272326015924?

ref=ts&fref=ts - TWITTER: The Hip Drop Class footage from my trip to Hong Kong.

There's nothing i love more than sharing my passion with beautiful people around the world.

Thank you to everyone who came and shared their heart!

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