Lgbt dating sites india

On September 11, 2013, India's first Queer Radio channel, Qradio - Out and Proud, completely dedicated to LGBT audience was launched .

With variety of talk shows, music, debates etc., the channel now runs 24 hours a day On February 2014, Wonderful Things Happen was founded with the objective to serve the Indian lesbian/bi women community.

It is India's first and exclusive match making service for gay women and their mission is to bring positive changes in the way Indian society perceives gay dating and relationships.

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Lgbt dating sites india

Kamasutra, the ancient Indian treatise on love talks about feelings for same sexes. Lord Vishnu as Mohini and Lord Shiva as Ardhanarishwara (which means half woman).

Apart from male and female, there are more than 20 types of genders, such as transwoman, transmen, androgynous, pangender and trigender etc.

and in ancient India it was referred to as Trithiya prakirthi The Internet has created a prolific gay cyber culture for the South Asian community.

Khush-list, the first mailing list for LGBT South Asians, predominantly Indians in metropolitan cities and those living abroad, was established in 1993.

In 1999, LGBT-India was established on egroups, and later transitioned to yahoogroups.

Such mailing lists, established well before the advent of social networking sites, continue to remain the mainstay for discussion among middle-class, English-speaking Indians, and include LGBT-India, Gay Bombay, Good As You (Bangalore), Pratibimb (Hyderabad), and Movenpick/Orinam (Chennai).

Gay (established in the late 1998) and (established in 2006) are among the oldest websites that function as online resources catering to a local (Mumbai and Chennai, respectively) and national readership.

Dating websites provide an alternative way for meeting people; online communities also offer a safe and convenient environment for meeting gays all around India.

Homosexuality is criminalized in India for up to ten years, but there is a vibrant gay nightlife in metro cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.

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