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My first thought would be spark plug - fit either a brand new one or heat up the electrodes of the one you're using with a blowtorch and then put it back in hot and make sure the mixture wheel is fully open when you try to start.

My Lister D sometimes suffers from the same problem and the blowtorch cure usually works although I don't know what causes the plug to to foul She will happily run for for over an hour but then when I stop it she won't restart until I heat the plug (the electrodes glowing red) and then she will start again and run until I switch it off You are correct The plug I use is a champion - I tried NGK plugs and now have 3 all with less than 1 hrs runtime that now simply won't work in the Lister although they did when new.

At least the the champion now has about 15hrs runtime.


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hello just a quick question , i have a lister L with a badly worn cam idler gear, stationary engine parts sell an idler and bolt to fit a cs. i heard the Lister cs is based on the L type thanks kris __________________ Lister A..

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