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CBC News spent a Friday night watching activity on the site, which anyone could see without signing up as a user.Sexually explicit and sometimes violent language was common.

A sample of some of the text comments from male viewers watching girls included, "I want to see your a--…

Hey give me porn…Tell to your green panties friend to show her a--…C--- slap…D--- hard as a brick…RAPE HER RAPE HER…I’ll make her --- in 10 minutes…Fully erect here…Flash your b--bs…

I say let’s get them more drunk - more easy to f---…

I forced my 12 year old sister and my 16 year old sister to watch me." One of the posters quipped, "If it wasn't for us pervs, Stick[am] would go out of business." CBC News saw a Home Depot banner ad, right next to a girl appearing live in her bed, in lingerie, showing her behind.

Website geschikt voor personen van 18 jaar of ouder (RTA).

Bescherm minderjarigen tegen expliciete beelden op internet met ouderlijk toezicht.

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A Calgary father and web specialist is going public to warn other parents about a popular website — where major Canadian corporations advertise — and where young teens engage in public, sexually explicit exchanges via live webcam and text. "If my daughters were on it, I would be extremely concerned," said Rickard.

Tim Hortons, Rogers, Home Depot and Bank of Montreal are among several large corporations whose ads were displayed prominently on the site. Many of the male viewers chat with the girls and try to convince them — sometimes aggressively — to take off their clothes and perform sexual acts.


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