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Mindbridge later rescinded their support when they wanted nothing to do with Ryan and his goal of showcasing his greasy ponytail to girls at his convention. He also runs Anime and Upcoming, ripping off the legit site, Anime

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Ryan Kopf, also known to refer to himself as "Lord Sephiroth", is a creepy ponytailed narcissist and accused rapist.

He's best known for running the sleaziest anime conventions you can find in the American Midwest. It was supposed to be a video game arcade and cybercafe, but everyone knew that video game arcades weren't profitable in 2008 (or since 1988) except Ryan. Every politician is a douchebag and Ryan is no exception. In 2009, he apparently decided that student government was more his thing and ran for president of the University of Iowa Student Government. His party was even knocked out in the first round of voting. Ryan created the dating website "Mai" just so he could view all the girls profiles himself and make himself appear to be the perfect match for every girl.

He has been banned from at least one anime con for creeping on underage girls..if you're banned from cons, you might as well start your own so that you can make money off the fans AND bang all the little girls too, right? Armed with the failure of his arcade and nothing else on his side, he ran for mayor of Muscatine, Iowa in 2007 at age 18. Ryan tends to prey on organizations which may help build his own reputation.

Hoping to satisfy his pedo tendencies, Ryan opened "Chrono Game Central" in the basement of a building in his hometown of Muscatine, Iowa. Even then he apparently thought he knew everything. If he can't be a part of them (usually because they realize he's a fucking asshole), he goes out of his way to rip them apart.

in November 2009, Ryan announced his first anime convention, QC Anime-zing! He announced it on behalf of the Mindbridge Foundation, the organization behind Anime Iowa.

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