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Tinder is a mobile application for young people who are looking to meet someone in their local area within a desired radius.If you see a girl you like, you swipe her profile with your finger to the right.

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If, there is no mutual interest, you have to continue swiping through profiles until you meet someone you like.

You get tired of having to fill out profiles on regular dating sites with boring information like your favorite foods, your qualities, or the name of your cat?

While on Tinder dating site makes it much easier to create a profile!

In short, you only need to login with your Facebook profile and adjust your search settings (if you are looking for women or men, age, and the search distance) and your profile pictures and you are set!

The dating service so knows a lot about its members in an instant.

Place of birth, interests, last seen at the cinema movies … This information, the application promises not to disclose, allow, if possible, to virtual daters targeted profiles, likely to meet their needs without having to go back for miles information. it launches the application automatically sends you its location, and then begins a parade of photos with some basic information.

Name, age – it is possible to define its research to a specific age group – mutual friends, centers on shared interests, date of last connection … Tinder combines seduction and distraction as possible refusal are diluted in the photo stream and novelty.

Tinder app can be downloaded from the apple store or google play store, Once you launch the app, registration is done in one click via the Facebook account of the user, thus highlighting the photographs and any mutual friends with a house algorithm.

Do not worry, nothing will be published to your Facebook profile. In fact, it is not a site but a smartphone application, built around a particularly efficient concept where the geolocalisation is key.

The idea is to provide a fun way for users to meet others within a specified distance, from a few meters up to a hundred kilometers, men or women.

Tinder attempts to simplify the user experience and is concentrated mainly around your profile pictures.

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