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Down the track, you may also like to become involved as an organiser yourself.

If you meet someone you like, you are welcome to exchange email addresses or phone numbers and meet outside of the group – there are no restrictions on how you handle this and in contrast to professional dating sites, there are no fees involved (other than entry fees, food & drinks consumed when meeting at venues).

Members are encouraged to post a photo and an introduction on the MSS page.

Information you might include: * your spiritual interests & pursuits * hobbies & other passions * food preferences (veg, vegan, non-veg etc.) * approximate age group (early/mid/late 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s) Feel free to post whatever info you like (p), however as members will be meeting in an informal group setting, you don’t need to give as much info as on a dating site – there will be opportunity to find out more about other members whilst socialising.

Looking forward to meeting, sharing and growing with you!

Melbourne Spiritual Singles (MSS) Guiding Principles (i) No fees shall be charged for membership (ii) No fees shall be charged for events, except to cover costs, e.g. (iii) Where necessary, external costs such as cinema entry, pre-booked dinner banquets etc.

may be collected by event organisers in advance via the Meetup website. MSS is non-discriminatory and is open to members of all spiritual and/or religious beliefs, faiths and practices, as well as sexual orientation. While MSS may host events related to a particular spiritual practice (e.g.

specific types of meditation), MSS is non-denominational, non-sectarian and non-racial and is not affiliated with and does not favour any one particular spiritual group, organisation or practice. MSS was established as a not-for-profit forum for members to meet people and establish new friendships and relationships, however MSS takes no responsibility for contacts made outside of the group. Please also refer to the Meetup Terms of Service Agreement at

In particular, MSS takes no responsibility for the exchange of personal contact details between members, or private meetings arranged between members outside of group activities. Members' contact details (where known) and correspondence are kept private by organisers and are not to be passed on to any third parties without the member's consent. Organisers' messages, member posts to the MSS website and other communications between members should be of an appropriate nature and use courteous, inoffensive and where applicable (e.g.

when evaluating events) be of a constructive, non-confrontational nature.

Magazine is expanding into other areas like DATING.

The Melbourne Spiritual Singles Meetup Group has been created out of a need to bring together singles who are looking for a spiritually oriented partner with whom to share their journey.

Melbourne Spiritual Singles provides a forum where spiritually minded singles can get together in an easygoing, informal manner to meet like-minded people with a view to friendship and – if it clicks – forming a relationship.

Melbourne Spiritual Singles is different from other spiritual dating groups in that there are no membership fees involved.


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