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When I was a little kid, we didn't have a television, not even a radio.Those were the times when the kids would entertain the adults.When the whole family got together they made me stand on a chair and recite a poem or pretend to read the newspaper although I didn't know how to read. As a child I was good at learning things off by heart and very good at improvisation.

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I felt like a rebel in a dark world, looking for answers.

I described the helplessness of human kind in serious poetry but I also made fun of myself between the lines.

Because my poetry was taken seriously, my husband encouraged me to write plays.

When I was a baby, so it was told, my parents used to take me, together with my feeding bottle, with them to the Şehzadebaşı Theatre.

A dilemma A persecution A flight A migration A torrent Some arrive safely at their destination In the land of the Ottomans Some disappear without a trace The sea full of secrets Silent, the path Somewhere in the Bosporus Perhaps in Ortaköy Feet touch dry land Lips kiss the soil Bless the land in the name of the Creator Thank Beyazit Han A sacred call Ezan, Freedom from the shadow of the Cross Çan, The Cantor's joyful psalm-singing Hazan Knots of fear Dissolve in peace Ever since then Together Very near They look at each other as friends In this city Ezan, Çan, Hazan. Bahar, 1992, translation into English: Lyndall von Dewitz, 2012) The Women's Museum Istanbul is grateful to Ms Rezzan Roza Özsarfati, Mr İzzet Bahar, Ms Lina Filiba and to the Newspaper Şalom, Istanbul, for their support in producing the Beki L.

Hier unten schildert Jan Lombard seine Eindrcke und Erfahrungen seiner Rassetauben-Tour auf die Philippinen.Falls sie Fragen haben setzen sie sich gerne mit mir [email protected] Norbert Giesecke in Verbindung.A few weeks ago I received an invitation to judge pigeons in the Philippines.When we lived in Ankara, my husband and I never missed a show.I took my husband's advice and became a playwright.My short play 'Alabora' was staged in 1970 in the Ankara State Theatre, and I have been writing ever since." Toplu Oyunları, Mitos Boyut Yayınları, İstanbul, 2005.

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